What is BeadCart?

To get started you will need BeadCart Scanner .If you do not have a scanner you can contact customer service or order: item# SCANNER99 on our B2B website.
(Beadcart Software is currently compatible with Windows PC's only. Beadcart software will not work on a Mac without a Windows)

To download the latest version of BeadCart Click here.
(You can either click run to install the program from our server, or you can select save and install from you computer locally after your download.)

Run the install program. For detailed install instruction click here.

For detailed scanning instructions click here.

Attach your scanner via the supplied USB cable to your PC. Your order will be uploaded to our B2B website. You can now browse and add more products or adjust order quantities.

After you have reviewed your order you can now submit
your order. Save time and money, use BeadCart.

Please note: Beadcart Software is currently compatible
with Windows operating systems only.